Worlding (an agency of multicultural consultants, experts in creativity and innovating leadership) needed to redesign its website. I conducted a brainstorming and web prototyping workshop in order to:

  • get the entire team involved in redesigning the website
  • collectively provide the foundations of the project
  • work together in a creative way
  • define a plan of action
You guided, advised, inspired and challenged us on our aims and their related needs, our values, our business goals and our specific tools. You always did this in a professional, relevant, creative and constructive way. Thanks to our day of co-building, we achieved faster progress than with other methods in a fun and attentive atmosphere. You put together and hosted an original and efficient day with well chosen graphics. We were able to really clear the ground, get new bearings and a plan of action – and we were all happy to continue our work on the new website in a spirit of mutual understanding.

Olwen Wolfe, Worlding President and Founder

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